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Beaumont, Botsford, and Oakwood Approve Merger Agreement to Form Region’s Largest Health System

Earlier this week, the boards of Beaumont Health System, Botsford Hospital, and Oakwood Healthcare approved a merger agreement to form a new $3.8 billion nonprofit organization–Beaumont Health. The deal, which still requires state and regulatory approval, would create the region’s largest health system with 8 hospitals, 153 outpatient care sites, 5,000 physicians, 33,093 employees and 3,500 volunteers. Beaumont Health expects to receive approval by the Federal Trade Commission and Michigan Attorney General in time to close the transaction by this fall.

Beaumont Health joins the long list of mergers between hospital systems over the recent years as many hospitals seek to reduce costs and improve patient care through more streamlined operations, increase bargaining power with insurance companies, and take advantage of the cost-saving incentives included in the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

When news of the merger first broke, Fox 2 Detroit interviewed Wachler & Associates partner Andrew Wachler, who explained that the merger could allow patients access to each hospital’s specialization, while allowing the hospitals to share costs. As Mr. Wachler explained, this type of cost sharing typically leads to improved health care quality and reduced costs.

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