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Expansion of Michigan’s Chiropractic Scope of Practice

On January 5, 2010, Governor Jennifer Granholm signed legislation that expands the chiropractic scope of practice in the state of Michigan. The expansion is designed to restore the scope of practice that existed prior to when the Public Health Code was rewritten. Chiropractors in Michigan may now treat neuromuscular, skeletal and joint disorders throughout the entire body.

The Public Health Code now defines the “Practice of Chiropractic” as the discipline within the healing arts that deals with the human nervous system and the musculoskeletal system and their interrelationship with other body systems. The scope of practice also now includes the diagnosis of conditions and disorders of the human musculoskeletal and nervous systems as they relate to subluxations, misalignments, and joint dysfunctions. To evaluate the conditions or symptoms related to these conditions, a chiropractor may order advanced radiology scans if those scans were within the scope of practice as of December 1, 2009.

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