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Medicare Fraud Indictments in Detroit

Nearly a month after the federal government handed down indictments to defendants involved in one of Michigan’s largest prescription drug schemes, the federal government indicted 18 more people allegedly involved in Medicare fraud schemes.  According to a Detroit Free Press article, the U.S. District Court indicted people for their alleged involvement in a number of different health care fraud operations.  One of the charges was handed down to a Troy doctor who allegedly billed for home health services when she was out of the country, as well as for certain services that were physically unable to be completed in a single day.  Another indictment was handed down to an owner of a Detroit company who is being accused of billing Medicare for psychotherapy for numerous beneficiaries who were no longer alive.  Combined, all 18 defendants are accused of billing Medicare for $28 million.

The Medicare Fraud Task Force has no charged 138 people in Detroit with allegations of fraudulent billings totaling nearly $150 million.  According to Maureen Reddy, a Detroit-based FBI special agent, home health fraud is currently the largest type of fraud in the Detroit area.  The recent indictments also establish that Medicare fraud investigations are also expanding to other areas of health care services, such as psychotherapy.

These indictments are another example of the government’s focus on the Detroit area in Medicare and Medicaid investigations.  For more information on Medicare Fraud defense, or assistance with interpreting and understanding Medicare and Medicaid regulations, including the anti-kickback statute, please contact a Wachler & Associates attorney at 248-544-0888.

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