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RACs to Recover Radiation Oncology Treatment Payments

Earlier this year, Connolly, Inc., the Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) for Region C, posted a new issue to its CMS-Approved Issues List targeting Stereotactic Radiation Therapy (SBRT) and Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) services for providers in the following states: Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

According to the issue’s description, CMS has approved auditing providers who have incorrectly billed for SBRT and SRS procedures found to be, upon review, “not medically appropriate.” Connolly will be able to audit the billed SBRT/SRS claims as far back as three years from the initial determination date of the procedures, and will be focusing its audit efforts on the outpatient hospital setting. Consequently, this Connolly initiative may affect radiology oncology providers that have performed SRS and SBRT procedures in the states mentioned above.

In response to this news, providers must ensure they are keeping accurate records regarding the rationale and medical necessity for these treatment procedures, as well as maintaining and following effective compliance plans. If you need assistance in preparing for, or defending against RAC audits, or implementing a compliance program geared towards identifying and correcting potential risk areas related to RAC audits, please contact an experienced health care attorney at Wachler & Associates at 248-544-0888.

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