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Recent RAC Updates

CGI Federal, RAC for region B, has recently added a new issue to its CMS-approved issue list for providers in all region B states.

  • Pharmacy Supply Dispensing Fee. Medicare pays pharmacy supply/dispensing fees for immunosuppressive, oral anti-cancer, chemotherapeutic, and oral anti-emetic drugs as well as drugs used as part of an anti-cancer chemotherapeutic regimen when they are submitted on the same claim as the drug being billed. A claim submitted with a pharmacy supply/dispensing fee in the absence of any of the previously mentioned drugs represents an overpayment and will be denied as not medically reasonable and necessary.

Connolly Healthcare, RAC for region C, added two new issues to its CMS-approved issue list for suppliers that bill CIGNA Government Services.

  • Overuse of PAP/RAD Accessories. A supplier must not dispense more than a certain quantity of PAP/RAD accessories at a time. Quantities of supplies greater than those described in the policy as the usual maximum amounts will be denied as not reasonable and necessary.
  • Osteogenesis Stimulators. An overpayment exists when a provider bills for an Osteogenesis Stimulator with an ICD-9 code that is not included in the list of covered ICD-9 codes within the applicable Local Coverage Determination document(s).

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