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The Justice Department Announces $3 Billion Recovery from Pursuing False Claims Against the Federal Government

The United States Justice Department reported that in 2009 it collected $3 billion from pursuing health care fraud and other false claims against the federal government.  More than 80% of the recoveries were from healthcare fraud, including qui tam actions under the False Claims Act.  Bloomberg News reported that Tony West, Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Justice Department’s civil division, stated that the Justice Department would hold those who violate the federal False Claims Act accountable, whether they are a corporation or individual.  The $3 billion recovery in 2009, the second largest in history, is evidence of the aggressive nature with which the DOJ is pursuing False Claims Act violations. 

False Claims Act violations can give rise from submission of claims for services not rendered, submission of claims for services that were not medically necessary or were improperly coded and billed.  Further, as a result of the health care reform legislation, False Claims liability can attach to the retention of a known overpayment that is not refunded within 60 days of identification.  For more on the False Claims Act, or for assistance with health care regulatory or billing matters, please visit or contact a Wachler & Associates attorney at 248-544-0888. 

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