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CMS Releases Part A to B Rebilling Demonstration Program Enrollment Application

This week CMS released more information regarding the Part A to Part B Rebilling Demonstration Program. Now available on CMS’ website is the enrollment application for hospitals to complete to seek to participate in the program. The enrollment application includes language which reiterates that participation in the Demonstration Program is based on a first-come first-served process and applications will be classified based on facility size. According to the application, 80 large facilities (300+ Beds), 120 moderate facilities (100-299 Beds), and 180 small facilities (fewer than 100 Beds) will be allowed to participate.

In addition to the enrollment application, CMS published a 14-page document which outlines some of the Demonstration Program’s details. The document, which may have been released in anticipation of the upcoming Open Door Forums, includes four requirements that participating providers must follow: (1) Not file an appeal; (2) Not bill the beneficiary more than any Part A inpatient deductible already collected from the beneficiary; (3) Refund to the beneficiary the difference between any Part A deductible/coinsurance and Part B deductible/coinsurance; (4) Not bill observation services (G0378). The requirement that participants do not file an appeal still evokes questions, specifically whether the bar on filing an appeal prevents participants from appealing a medical necessity determination for inpatient services if they volunteer for the demonstration program.

For more information on the AB Demonstration Program or assistance with determining a hospital’s eligibility to participate in the program, please contact a Wachler & Associates attorney at 248-544-0888.

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