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Recent RAC Activity

On February 13, 2012 DCS Healthcare added a new CMS approved issue to its approved issues list for DME supplier claims:

• Knee orthosis bundling: Payments for knee orthoses additions, as specified in NHIC’s LCD for knee orthoses, #L27263, are bundled into the payment for specific base knee orthoses, and should be recouped if paid separately.

On February 13 and 15, 2012 Connolly added new CMS approved issues to its approved issues list:

• Therapeutic footwear utilization CMS issue number: C005392010. The LCD and policy article for therapeutic shoes for diabetics limit the use of shoes and inserts as follows: For patients meeting these criteria, coverage is limited to one of the following within one calendar year (January – December): One pair of custom molded shoes (A5501) (which includes inserts provided with these shoes) and two additional pairs of inserts; or one pair of depth shoes (A5500) and three pairs of inserts.

• Rituximab – Non-covered/non-allowed service-Part B CMS issue number: C001442011. An overpayment exists when a provider bills for a service of J9310/Rituximab with an ICD-9 code that is not included in the list of covered ICD-9 codes for J9310/Rituximab with the applicable local coverage determination document(s).

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