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U.S. District Judge Refuses to Grant Injunction Against Health Care Reforms Implemented through the Affordable Care Act

On October 8, U.S. District Judge George Steeh refused to grant an injunction that would prevent the implementation of the federal health reforms enacted through the Affordable Care Act.  Judge Steeh also dismissed several substantive portions of the suit, determining that Congress did not exceed its constitutional authority by requiring most people to buy health insurance.  The lawsuit was brought by the Thomas More Law Center, an Ann Arbor-based Christian legal center and four plaintiffs.  The Detroit Free Press reported that an attorney for the law center, Robert Muise, stated that the plaintiffs will appeal the decision.

The Michigan lawsuit is one of several lawsuits filed challenging provisions of the Affordable Care Act.  Another lawsuit filed by several attorney generals, including Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox, is in the appeals process with oral arguments scheduled for December 16.

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